Wood router tool – A Must Have Tool For Every Craftsman

A wood router is a dream tool for every woodcrafts man. You can do any design and cut with a wood router easily. All you have to do is just learn some basic and know about the best woodworking router tool to work with it. You will get some bits with the router to work with. with the bits, you can do any designs you want. You can make a hole, make joints and many other things with a power tool.

Kinds of Routers:

There are three types of router tools. They are fixed base router, a plunge and trim router. All three do different types of jobs. You have to choose the jobs you want to do and pick the perfect router for your job. Now you may ask what the difference between the types of the routers is. Here is the difference:

Wood router tool

  • Fixed routers:

With this router, you have to adjust with the blade setup. Once you set the blade then you can work. But the setup is not changeable. You can screw and unscrew with this router. You can cut the edges, mold designs with this router easily. Light in weight and the speed is perfect. Every beginner can work with this router easily.

  • Plunge router:

This router is spring loaded. For this, the bit can go down in the wood easily. You can easily change the bit level per your requirement when you are working. The best thing about it is the cut begins in the center. This router is versatile tool and gives the cut proper and accurate.

  • Trim router:

This router is the versatile router and all the wood craftsman has a wish to own this wonderful router. You can fix this router in a table or you can also operate it by hand. The size is perfect for fitting in any place. for doing important little things in house , you can use this router easily.

The above routers are the main wood router tool. You can use different bits in these routers to create the new design in wood.

Why use wood router tool:

The question is why you have to use a wood router tool. Well the benefits are:

  • Routers keep your surface clean when you are working with wood.
  • You can cut your wood with ease and perfection.
  • It is easy to work with router tool than any other tools.

As for sizes, you have to choose the perfect size of the router for your work. There are large, mid-size and trim size routers. You can guess the large router is best for heavy-duty performance; the mid-size is best for every kind of work and the trim size router is for little things.

So this is the little brief about wood router tool which will give you a small idea about the awesome tool. With a router tool, you can give your house or workplace a new innovative look. Just be careful while you are working with it, especially when you are new. Otherwise, your experience will be the best.

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