What Are the Best On-Campus Jobs for College Students?

Most college students often have empty hours during night-times or even during early morning hours. College students might schedule their classes in the early morning hours, and others would prefer having late time classes because they work by day-time. Not all college students can afford paying for their university fees by themselves; they need an extra to save in order not to face any financial obstacles during their educational journey.

There are a variety of jobs to occupy while studying, starting from on campus part-times jobs or part-time work off-campus as well. On campus jobs are easier for the students and it can also be a great chance to connect with professional and academic resources in the university. Work study programs are a build in programs and college students are giving a higher priority to occupy these on campus jobs. If you were not lucky finding a job on-campus during studying in college, you can easily find a lot of part-time job opportunities off-campus. Make sure you find a job which will not distract and affect your study and your college degrees. Because eventually, you‘ll have to graduate and find a long-term career which will certainly need a college degree.

What is the perfect On-Campus scheduled jobs for college students which wouldn’t affect their college path?

Here are the best On-Campus Part-time jobs to be occupied by students:

  1. Campus Tour Guide

Do you know your campus and every campus part pretty well? If you know your college sections very well and love touring around new students or outsourced students groups to your college then you’re certainly the right person for this job. Being a campus tour guide requires memorizing the college map precisely which is an easy mission, because it’s obviously where you’re actually studying. Your role will include giving personal and group tours around the university and talk to potential students about everything which the college has to offer.

  • Campus tour guide doesn’t require any special qualifications; you’ll only need a great amount of knowledge to college sectors besides being friendly as well.
  • If you’re interested in working as at tour guide, you can ask your admission department and out your name in line, it is a good experience to be mentioned on your resume besides you’ll not leave the campus while working as a tour guide!

  1. Library Monitor

Library monitor or a study hall monitor is a great job to consider if you’re worried on not having enough time to devote to your educational progress. It is an easy job; your role will be assuring a quite atmosphere in the library or study halls. Besides being able to stay inside the campus, but another great thing about being a library monitor is that you’ll have plenty of downtime, while sitting doing your job in monitoring the atmosphere you can read and study your own homework and exams. It’s comfortable job in a quiet place. This job doesn’t require any skill , all you need to do is supervise he atmosphere while you enjoy reading your favorite book or study for your exams as well.


  • Job openings should be posted either on the college website or through college admissions announcements.
  • This job is not monopolized inside campuses .you can work a library monitor in nay public library near your college or house. Public libraries require knowledge of book types besides being neat and tidy. You’re interested you can visit Online Job Websites like Joblang and seek a good job opportunity.

  1. On-Campus Administration

Universities usually hold tons of offices on campuses. This is a good thing, the more offices the university the ore chances are created. You can either work in career services, alumni affairs, health services, residence life and even the Dean’s office. Great part-time jobs are available in different sectors, and all universities would mostly give the hiring priority to their students. Being involved in this field gives you a general experience by gaining professional and academic opportunities, you’ll learn things you didn’t know about when you were only a student.

  • Administration jobs are comfortable when it comes to their working hours, as well as giving you the chance to get more familiar with your university.
  • If you couldn’t make it in your own university, you can apply for any off-campus opportunity by searching for the same job role in different universities or even public organizations. You can easily search and apply for suitable jobs which should fit your requirements and qualifications by checking the latest job vacancies posted on daily basis on Joblang and apply online.

  1. Tutoring Peers

Being a peer tutor is great choice to enroll in college jobs. It’s not only a part-time job but it can also be a scheduled job hours fixed to fit to your study schedule, you can choose the hours you’re free in to tutor peers. Most universities hire tutors to work with athletes with official athletic programs. Being a tutor requires being a superior in specific subjects which are considered hard subjects like chemistry, calculus and physics for example. You need to be smart, deliver information easily and particularly strong in subjects which needs tutoring. There is another option for tutoring classes is to give conversational classes for international students, being a conversational tutor for English as-a-Second-Language (ESL) is a good reference to your resume in future , it’s a great skill to be able to teach English skills.

  • You need to have a high level of patience if you want to work as a tutor , people asks for tutoring help because they find it hard to understand a specific subject.
  • Tutoring job opportunities are also available outside the campus. High schools are always looking for good tutors to be equipped in their schools, especially for SATs and CATs students.
  • Tutoring is a common job needed in most industries and for most ages. You can even apply online for a job vacancy which fits your college classes schedule, you can easily search and apply online though famous job portal like Joblang.com.

  1. Student Production Assistant

This job role needs you to own social skills. If you’re not a quite a techie, then you should consider this job as an option during your college years. Most universities would have student-run production services. This job role will require you organize events like dancer, concerts, comedy shows, and even literature plays. Organizing different types of events requires a lot of work behind the scenes to make it work. This job role is not dull and can give you full access to every event in the college, besides you will get paid good pays in return.

  • Productions events assistant gains good experience in organizing, it’s a good skill to be obtained for future career paths.
  • It’s not necessarily to occupy jobs in this field in college only; you can equip this job as a part-time job or even as a seasonal job during spring break or summer break vacation.
  • You can find a lot of production assistant jobs off-campus, you can search through online jobs search engines like Joblang.com and apply online.


Some College students would have no choice but to work in any part-time job during their college journey. Some students would have financial expenses which is a burden on their shoulders, like different kinds of loans whether its college loans or car loans or another type of loans. Other students would just work as part-timer in order to superior in university and make a good impression or image about their selves so their professors would pay attention to their enthusiasm and commitment.  In both sides, gaining an experience is a great boost for students in their future career path, it will make them a strong future candidates as well as being paid good amounts of money without putting themselves under pressure or being distracted away from college and university duties.  If you’re a college student then get up and search for any on-campus job opportunity which would help you both financially and professionally. Working in college will make you a smart multi-task individual.


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