Useful Tips to Care for Your Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian virgin hair uses real natural human hair in high quality that is loved by many women. Its biggest advantage is the hair does not go through any chemical process, the shine and silky texture makes Brazilian hair the most popular in hair market. You can select a color to match your own natural hair, to make the brazilian hair look more natural on your head.

Brazilian hair does not tangle and shed at all, these are their best features, Brazilian hair holds curls very well, the extensions usually come in a lot of colors, textures and lengths, therefore you can choose the most suitable one for you. However, whatever texture or color of hair extensions you choose, it is necessary to take good care of them if you want a long lasting beautiful look. Brazilian hair is also very expensive, so you’d better take good care of it to protect your investment. Here I share some tips on how to care for your Brazilian hair extensions.


First, you must have an expert install Brazilian hair, because proper installation is very important, it prevents your natural hair from damage and breakage. Tight weaves installation or application is not suitable, because this will cause your own hair damage. Install should also not be too loose, so letting a professional to fix this for you is the best choice.

Second, for Brazilian hair, before applying, clean your scalp and then hair extensions. Shampoo is a great choice to take care of your scalp, use a gentle shampoo to wash extensions once a week. Clean it down from the scalp to your hair ends.

Third, to keep the silky and smooth texture of your extensions, use a light conditioner after washing your hair. Deep conditioning can be done every once a month if the extensions have ever been colored.

Fourth, please rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly to keep your scalp clean and prevent hair issues. Use a towel to pack your hair, but not to rub it dry. Do not use a dryer too often because the heat will damage your hair extensions.

Fifth, after your hair is dry, please apply some moisturizer and brush with a comb gently. A brush with wide tooth is perfect.

Sixth, to improve the elasticity of hair, use argan oil to apply on extensions for fast absorption and penetration. This type of oil contains Vitamin E that will strengthen the hair and minimize hair breakage.

After choosing the Brazilian hair extensions you love most, the next step is to take a good care for it because you need to protect your investment. Seek advice from your hair stylist to maintain your beautiful Brazilian hair. Once last tip for you, if you have installed those weaves and do not want to remove them before going to bed, just wrap your hair with a silk scraf, this will protect your hair when you sleeping. These are all caring tips I share with you today, if you want more expert advice on hair maintenance, please visit New Star Hair, they are the best hair vendor who supplies a full solution to your hair beauty.

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