The Dos and Don’ts of Academic Writing

Writing is important skill for postgraduates. Reading lengthy write-ups is a tiresome and boring task, but reading something that is both long and poorly written is a painful experience. That is why your assessment team is grateful to those students who writes well and therefore they reward that student even when their quality of work doesn’t necessarily match to their standard of quality. It is quite shame with a student receive lower grade just because a poorly written dissertation. You need to do lots of things and at the same time avoid mistakes and plagiarism.

Here is a compiled list of Dos and Don’ts of Dissertation Writing. Doing and avoiding them respectively will help your dissertation to impress your research chair!

The Dos and Don'ts of Academic Writing

  1. Dos Of Dissertation Writing
  • In its essence, dissertation writing is as same as advertising. An advertisement sells its product, while researcher sells his or her research. However this doesn’t means that good advertising can sell fail products and so is true for research project, however if you have high quality product and you have an ability to produce content that can persuade people to buy it, it means you presented it in a convincing and insightful manner. Similarly while writing research paper, dissertation or thesis avoid accumulating facts and present research result in a captivating manner that capture the imagination of your readers.
  • Avoid verbosity and make your dissertation concise and clear. After finishing keep reading it again and again to find superfluous words and exclude them from your sentences.
  1. Don’ts of Dissertation Writing
  • Do not write the article in chronological order from beginning till end. First of all write those section that you know how to write, even though if you aren’t quite sure about where exactly in that article you can put them. By this, the chapters you do not feel ready to write will gradually become clearer and you will be able to write on them with less to no effort.
  • Do not begin to write your article on the PC first, instead use paper and pen. By this you will be able to be more careful about what type of words you can use and you will be more thoughtful about the content because handwriting triggers more senses (thinking, writing, reading) at the same time. It is more effortful as well as less easy to be corrected so it keep you more conscious about doing a mistake.


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