The Best U.S. Cities To Bike During the Summer

Best U.S. Cities to Bike during the Summer 

When the chilly winters are gone and the days are longer, then it just means one thing: it is time to pick up your bicycles, pump your tires and strap on your helmet to hit the trails of the best US cities. Some of the best American cities to bike during the summer are given below:

Boulder, Colorado

The scenic mountain town at the base of the Rockies is a heaven on earth for bikers. Boulders comprises of hundreds of miles of bike paths and mountain biking trails. The city’s bike share program provides 24- hour access to any B station. All you need is bicycles for men and you are ready for a ride through town. For mountain biking, just visit the rental stores to get a mountain bike and pace your ride.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is the kind of cycling trails in America and has motivated other cities across the country to follow its footsteps. None of the cities of US have more cyclists per capita. Just take a coffee sip and explore the town on your bike. You can ride your own bike or hire bike rental. There more than city riding here, explore the urban side and Forest Park. Look out the single track mountain bike trails for an enthralling experience.

Chicago Illinois

Have you ever thought why people love summer time in Chicago? There aren’t a lot of places to check out in the city, but biking in Chicago is more than amazing. If you want a direct line to your location, cycle through the bustling city. There is a lot to explore in the beautiful architecture of the city. But, if you are up for a scenic ride with breath-taking views of Chicago, then cruise along the shoreline. You will be amazed to see the high rising buildings and beaches.

New York City, New York

Sounds overwhelming to jump in the crowd of NYC traffic, but the Big Apple gives its two wheel riders a priority by designing several bike lanes. The city has its own bike share program with more than 600 bikes running. However, if you want to avoid cars completely, then choose the Hudson River Greenway and ride to the tip of Manhattan for a perfect experience.

San Francisco, California

Well, the running cable cars and crowded streets do not sound like perfect bike riding situation. But, if you really want to enjoy the picturesque view of the city and witness the iconic Painted Ladies and Golden Gate Bridge, then you do have options for that. Go for long bike riding session and explore notorious rolling hills of the city and more. However, do not forget to hop out and take a quick bite from the food scenes available.

Apart from these, you have so many other cities like Tucson, Austin and San Diego to explore on bike. Biking trails in America give the bikers a privilege to discover the best of the city on road on their two- wheeler. Choose the best bicycles for women to accompany your partner and experience a phenomenal leisure hour.

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