Some Machine Learning Technologies You Should Know

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence in which a program is trained to execute commands without being programmed.  A good example is a program that can easily identify dogs when it’s fed with data containing dog pictures.  Machine learning is not limited to specific programs. There are many types of machine learning tools today and it would be great you know a few of them. Here is a list of the major machine learning types you should know of.

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is a broad machine learning category that has multiple subcategories. In this kind of machine learning, program algorithms are fed with the smart technologies which enable them to make a prediction of data.  In this case, the algorithm will be exposed to pictures of certain objects or subjects, which will later help them identify those subjects if they are placed close to relevant pictures.

Machine Learning Technologies

Semi-Supervised Learning

In this type of machine learning category, the algorithm taught on the implementation of labeled and unlabeled data. In this subcategory, systems are trained on how to extract useful insights from both labeled and unlabeled data. Systems implanted with this kind of machine learning artificial intelligent technology can efficiently use labeled data to fathom the unlabeled data to help identify configure the content of the unlabeled data.

Reinforcement Learning

In this machine learning technology, systems are trained to respond to different actions. It’s the technology used by games and driving mechanisms.  Games and systems fed with this kind of machine learning techniques have the capability to reinforce proper actions and disregard the improver ones.

Unsupervised Learning

In this kind of machine learning, there is no use of labeled data or feedback delivery meaning there no reinforced learning is involved. In short, this kind of machine learning involves the competition for success by two neural networks, which trigger learning.  It’s quite often implemented in security monitoring systems like security apps and systems to enable themto detectthe existence of sophisticated or hard to tell attacks.

Active Learning

The final choice of machine learning technology is active learning.  In this kind of machine learning, the algorithm is fed with the capabilities to detect labels on a limited amount of data.  It is often used on systems ideal for guessing and predicting results.


We all have heard about machine learning and artificial intelligence. A large number of established businesses and big companies have invested in this technology so far. However, not many people are aware of the many types of machine learning technologies they can implement in their business software. For amateurs who know little about machine learning, we have listed the major types of machine learning technologies. You can have a look and decide which ones to add in your next software development.

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