OnePlus Three Everything You Need To Know

OnePlus reveals its new VR headset, which is called the loop. The headset will launch on 15th of june with OnePlus 3.  Read more about OnePlus 3.

Virtual reality or (VR), is also known as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, it is a computer technology that makes a replica of an environment, imagined or real, and braces a user’s physical presence and gives an environment to allow for the user interaction. Virtual reality artificially creates a sensory experience, which includes sight, touch, hearing, and smell. It is another step towards a better and prosperous future for humanity. Most of the virtual realities are displayed on a computer screen or a particular virtual reality headset (also knows as VR Box).


Today, We are considering Virtual reality headset or also knows as VR Box. A Virtual Reality headgear is mounted on the head and is a  device made to give a massive virtual reality acquaintance, for the purpose of computer games and 3D imitation of a real-world process or system over time or in simple words you can say it as It is used for 3D gaming and Viewing.

One of the first commercially available headsets in the market was the Forte VFX1, which was launched at CES in 1994. It had stereoscopic displays, 3-axis head-tracking, and stereo headphones. Sony was the second manufacturer to introduce VR box they named it  Glasstron, and they launched it in 1997.

Because virtual reality headsets stretch the same display across a wide field of view (up to 110°), the magnification factor makes flaws in display tech much more apparent.

Now here comes another revolution and another pioneer ready to change your lives. OnePLus, yes it’s back with another mind-blowing product “The Loop”  OnePlus is back in the market with its very first VR Box, and they are ready to hit your minds again. OnePlus is considered as a trusted brand in the country.  People in India reply upon this brand because of the many reasons, One such reason is its customer support, their customer care executives are really friendly when you ring to them, and they listen to your problem and try to find out the easiest possible way to solve that problem.  And as they also have their service centers in almost every corner of the country, India is really grateful to have such a friendly MNC.

The thing that is unique with “The Loop” is that it is not of cardboard anymore like other VR Boxes and has a band to hold your head and company has tried to put every latest possible feature in it,  it is made to ease your eyes and head and provide you an uninterrupted 3D experience.

You will be pleased to hear the price and will find yourself lucky because you are reading this article. It’s of just 1 rupee yes you heard it right a rupee can get you your desired product. Maybe that is equivalent to a candy that you distribute to your friends on your birthday so why not to distribute a VR Box on this birthday, well that will surely get you some status.

It will be available on on 7th June at noon(12:00 pm)

So, register yourself for the sale.

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