Need for Emotional support Animal

Stress & depression is one of the serious problem we are suffering from. With the changing lifestyle we forget ourselves & more importantly we suffer to maintain work life balance. From friendship, relationship to marriage we suffer from depression. Moreover sensitive people suffer from this problems more often. Staying motivated is big deal for us. We are in such phase right now. Mixed feeling or emotions rule us. Wondering is there any cure for such problems? Yes ofcourse we have best solutions. It is nothing but emotional support animal. Though there are variety of animals or birds which can be used as emotional support animal. But dog is considered as most preferred one. You can carry such pet anywhere if you have Emotional Support dog letter.

Want to know what’s emotional support dog & letter? Here we go. It is nothing but often referred as mental or emotional disability. People suffering from such disabilities are often require one best and trusted companion. They are also fear of socializing as they don’t trust easily anyone. To bring support to such patients psychologist and therapist provide variety of treatment. As a part of such treatment emotional support animal is prescribed for them.

Need for Emotional support Animal

What ESA contains?

ESA letter as the name suggest stands for Emotional Support Animal letter. This document contains information which states that qualified individuals can take ESA with them anywhere & everywhere. In case of air travel make sure that this letter is not more than year old. Your letter should be from a professional who exclusively treats for such disabilities & they must be licensed medical professional.

Details that letter must include:

  • Disability limits
  • Details of medical professionals with their license.
  • Treatment procedure & ESA need
  • Letter must be issued recently.

Emotional support animal offers therapeutic values for its owners. And such animals are protected with the help of fair housing Act and Air carrier Access act. It is not that just dogs or cats only need for providing such kinds of support. You can also take the help of other animals as you wish. A report says that more than half of the growing population suffers from anxiety, depression, Panic Attacks & personality disorders. Other than this they also suffer from various other symptoms which are mentioned below.

  • Depression or anxiety which continues for more than two or more days
  • Problems in maintaining personal relationship with people
  • Developing some sorts of fear which affects their normal life.
  • Inability or difficulty in interacting with public

Stress & depression is the main cause of such problems. So overcoming this requires lot of treatment process. And one of the main treatment process includes having an emotional support animal. Emotional support Dog letter is issued to protect the pet dog which is used during treatment process. So having such pet helps in many ways. It takes you to different place where you don’t need to prove yourself. These pet love selflessly. You are completely taken to new world of yours.

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