Modernization of Oxandrolone

Anavar is the medicine that is used to treat conditions like muscle wasting and rapid fat loss. It was once called as a weak medicine. This is because; being a category of the Class I medication it was not so effective performing alone. Moreover, unfortunate and unreasonable expectations from some athletes have marked it as a weak one. That is why; today Anavar is available in a much higher dose in the market. It is a composition of Oxandrolone and it is commonly called as a Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This anabolic medicine has no androgenic properties and treats with mild care. The oral medication is a C17 alpha-alkylated medicine; this indicates that it has been altered in the seventeenth position of the carbon that allows surviving ingestion in the liver. With this alteration,the medicine enters the bloodstream and become active to give you the benefits. The total alteration process is made so that it works mildly on the liver.

Healthy Steroid Alternatives

Benefits from the treatment

Being a mild anabolic medicine it is not suitable for bulking cycles. It does not produce a huge amount of muscles like a performance enhancer. However, it produces solid muscle tissues all over the body. It actually preserves the muscle and the metabolic activity. It is a new form of medicine that bests suits for those who are looking for a toned look. The mild functionality of the treatment helps to reduce body fats while preserving the muscle tissues. Even it is used to reduce post-cycle estrogenic effects. The only thing you must be aware is on the calorie count. When you undergo the treatment calorie intake is very restricted in the diet plans. The more muscle tissues you hold the greater metabolic activity you have, thereby increasing the utilization of fats for energy. If a person loses weight due to chronic infection, surgery or trauma then this treatment is the best for them. It is also used in the treatment of bone pain due to osteoporosis. New research has seen that the medicine is effective in dealing with girl’s height.

Administration procedure of the medicine

As it is most commonly found in an oral form, consume it through your mouth for two to four times daily. You can also take it with milk or food if you do not like the taste. The dosage will always depend on the medical condition of the user along with the response of the treatment. Take the dose at the same time each day because the medication is usually for a short term process. Abnormal usage of the product may develop side effects like heart disease, stroke, liver disease and much more. It is advised to consult the usage with a highly qualified health physician. Tell the doctor if you have any allergy or not, because this product has certain ingredients which can cause allergic reactions in the later days. Share, if you have any current or previous medical issues related to heart diseases like chest pain or minor heart attack. To reduce post-cycle estrogenic effects follow these rules strictly.

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