How To Use Oxybol? 

Pharmaceutical name of Oxymetholone is Oxybol-50mg it is an anabolic steroid and its trade names are Anapolon 50, Oxybol 50 mg Oxy50 and Anadrol. It is available in market in the form of 50 mg tablets in blister packs. Oxy 50 results are very effective; it enhances the rate of red blood cells production and enabling them to transfer more oxygen to user’s muscles, delivering muscle gains and delaying fatigue. Oxymetholone is one of the strongest anabolic steroid in existence.

A person’s power output drops, tiredness set in and ends the workout when sufficient oxygen does not reach to the muscles. Muscles require more oxygen to intense workouts. Oxy 50 results increase number of red blood cells and more oxygen is carried to the muscles. Muscles get extra fuel and will be more powerful and stronger. Oxygen is also important for recovery so user will be ready for next workout without taking time. It helps to increase in muscle mass, strength & stamina, and fast recovery.

How To Use Oxybol

In 1960s, it was first time synthetically manufactured in laboratory. The anabolic steroids have been classified as III Schedule controlled substance in the United States. The steroids are magically treated osteoporosis (muscle wasting effect), AIDS and some other diseases. It is illegal to buy this steroid without a prescription. From the discovery of this steroid it has been popular in athletes through its excellent property to perform better, serious size gain and recover faster. It is a rocket fuel for muscles and delivering super energy surges.

Oxy 50 improves the body sculpting efforts with moderate dose. If it is used in moderation, user gains far surpass any adverse effect and it’s make it ideal supplement for athletes.  It’s the perfect for the strict diet and hard work out. It is a premier supplement that works without taking time to enhance and improve athletic performance. Many steroids are available in world’s market but it is only steroid that work as a kick starter. It gives rapid results but others are building up slowly in the body. Oxy 50 helps to protect and strengthen joints, increase the rate of red blood cell production and raise the oxygen transportation to the muscles. All these functions help in permanent physical improvement. It creates a fit and toned but strong body physique that is useful and attractive.

During weight training of bodybuilders, Oxy 50 help to increase lift repetition, enhance aggression. It removes a lot of difficult fatigue that appears during the toughest of work outs and incredibly increases stamina. It is suggested that dosage should be 1-5 mg per kg of weight. It can be stacked with Testosterone or Nandrolone. To prevent side effects user should take a post cycle therapy. This therapy is helpful to prevent bloating and oily skin.

Oxy 50 has on and off cycle so user must give time to body for restart hormones natural production again. It can help the user the gap between cycles. It is consumed maximum six to eight weeks for bodybuilding. Overuse of steroid may be dangerous for health.

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