How to Delete Unwanted Item Photo

Removing text from the photo should not be a difficult task because there are photo editing tools that are designed to remove them. Some nice pictures have text and you wish you could just remove the text away and use the picture for your purpose. Photos that are taken by a digital camera usually will show the date stamp. The date stamp provides information on the exact date, hour and minutes the photo is taken.

You may not want to let people know when the photo was taken and would like to have the date stamp removed. Leaving the date stamp on the photo also make the photo look less nice. You don’t have to fret about it because removing the date stamp is an easy task that can be done through a photo editing tool.

Movavi Photo Editor allows you to remove text from image with the Object Removal tool. The Object Removal tool can remove any unwanted text that is highlighted in red color in the photo. The text will quickly be removed and the scenery behind the text will automatically be restored at just a click of the Start Erasing tool.

The method describe above is the best method for removing text from photo. There are other methods that can also be used for removing the text but the result is not as good as the result that you get with this method. For example, you can crop off the part that has the text from the photo. The downside of cropping a photo is that you can’t retain the full size of the photo. Another method is to blur the text by coloring it with the same color as the background but doing so will destroy the photo.

Movavi Photo Editor offers the same result as other professional photo editing software that cost even more money. There is no complicated steps to remove the unwanted text form the photo. Movavi Photo Editor not just remove text but it can also remove other types of elements from the photo. Basically, any object in the photo can be removed by simply highlighting them in read and clicking on the Start Erasing tool. The photo will be restored to an ideal quality after the object removal. Movavi Photo Editor also has other functions such automatic picture enhancing, custom color picker, resize and rotate. There are a few formats you can choose from to save the photo.

Movavi Photo Editor also include a clone stamp that works just like the Object Removal tool. However, the clone stamp tool requires you to spend more time in removing the text and fixing the photo. You just have to pay a few bucks to get this photo editing tool and it will have save you a great deal of time. So, if you often have to remove text from the photo, getting a photo editing tool like Movavi Photo Editor is a smart investment. Movavi Photo Editor is available in Windows and Mac versions.

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