HGH diet Plan

Human Growth Hormone is naturally occurring hormone in all living beings and promotes growth and development. But, new inventions quote that, if human growth hormone taken in the form of pills, powders or injections helps reduce fat easily. But, results are minimal. Though this does not come up with serious side effects, doctor’s prescription is advised for sure.

Growth hormone is secreted within the lateral wings of pituitary gland. Growth hormone which also acts as stress hormone raises the production and concentration of glucose and free fatty acids. Exercise, sleep and nutrition are some of the physical stimulators which are commonly affected by growth hormone which release in pituitary gland. This is earlier determined by the balance of peptides.

HGH diet Plan

Function of HGH on weight loss

People with pituitary disease like growth hormone deficiency are treated with growth hormone replacements. Since it helps in improving body compositions like muscle mass and bone mass and thus reduces fat to some extent. But, if the same supplements used by obese people no weight loss is noted.

These growth hormone supplements, if taken for longer period helps losing weight a bit and help building muscles by balancing weight of the person.

Human growth hormone can be used as a diet pill, powders and injections. Upon doctor’s advice these injections should be taken once in a week and are approved only to treat growth hormone deficiency in kids and adults. These medicines are also advised for people who are undergoing treatment for organ transplantations, and muscle loss caused due to AIDS.

  • Human growth hormone also stops excess secretion of insulin which helps fat accumulate more.
  • Insulin production does not get altered as HGH and changes slightly if person has contacted diabetes.
  • During early age body can digest any fats but as getting older people need to follow strict diet regimen other than inviting fats!
  • The level of HGH varies if person consumes meals very frequently.
  • People who tend to eat often gain more weight and thus reducing the production of natural HGH in body.
  • Sometimes fasting provides good results by inducing the secretion of human growth hormone.

Now many companies started selling growth hormone products and are easily available online. And quote these products helps reduce body fat in any form if taken on regular basis. But, these are highly effective only in the form of injection. Since human growth hormone is a protein and it will function well in stomach only in the form of injections. This does not cause any pain since given on abdominal fat. Physician’s advice is important; do not go by advertisements which are not safe.

No single study quoted using of HGH supplements results in weight loss. It only reduces little weight with people suffering from pituitary gland diseases. And human growth hormone is also used as anti aging hormone. With absence of growth hormone everybody will be dwarfs and if it is present more than the body’s requirement everybody will be giants.

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