Dirt Bike Racing Gear Guide

Dirt bike racing gear isn’t just cool to see but, it keeps you safe too. Your kit bag should be filled with all the essentials that you need. Surely, you don’t get best motorcycle protective gear cheap; hence you should ensure that you buy the right stuff. So, what are gear that you need for your dirt bike and racing? Take a look.


It goes without saying, if you don’t have a helmet, you shouldn’t ride. Arguably, a helmet is the best motorcycle protective gear that you need for survival when you crash. So, do not mess around here! You shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the helmet at any cost. For a motocross helmet, make sure you it stands perfectly on the standard norms set. Do not buy a helmet without checking the safety marking.


The motorcycle shoes stand second in the list. The best motocross boots are known to absorb chock and impact when you land after a sudden jump. It protects your feet from roost and sharp objects and items on road. It prevents you from twitching or twisting your ankles while riding bike or during sudden bike fall. There are some renowned brands in the world which sell the best quality motorcycle shoes. All you need to do is check out the size, flexibility, support system and get one for you.


Without an efficient set of motocross goggles, you will literally struggle to see on a dusty road. No matter it is wind, dirt, dust, rain or mud, goggles protect your eyes. You have three types of dirt bike goggles: Tear-off motocross goggles, roll-off motocross goggles and rip and roll motocross goggles.

Gear combo

The motocross gear combo includes jacket, pants and gloves. A long lasting and appealing jacket and pant offers the max protection during a crash. And, a good motocross gloves will prohibit you from getting blisters and rash. It is very important to get these things of the right size and perfect fit. There are several brands which bring you the best of these.

Chest protector

When riding rough trails, it is very important to get a chest protector too. It shields you from the dirt, rock and sudden crash from the front. It guards you from roost and keeps your rib cage secure. However, it is important to get a light weight and snug fit chest protector with little flexibility.

Knee pad and elbow pads

Just like chest protector, elbow pads protect your elbow from twisting, twitching and getting hurt. Knee pad serve as a knee brace and cover you knee from sudden fall on the ground.

Gear bag

With all the gear by your side, you need a cool bag to carry it around. Get a perfect dirt bike kit bag to carry the essentials wherever you plan to go.

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