5 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Wreaths

Wreaths are an integral part of holiday design, but have you considered ways that you can use wreaths in your decorating scheme all year long? Marc Atilio, celebrity designer, and Editor-in-Chief of “Home Trends Magazine,” tells us that when our decor looks dated, it could come down to a single item like a wreath. Instead of letting your wreath ruin the look of your home’s interior, make it the centerpiece. Here are five gorgeous ways that you can decorate with wreaths:

Decorate with Wreaths

  1. Candle Ring Are you looking for a way to dress up your dining room table? Lay down a table runner, cut the hanger off of a wreath, lay it down on top of the runner, and place a large candle holder in the center. You can use any type of wreath that you like. The key to this decorating tip is to keep everything in scale. Don’t put a small candle in the center of a large wreath, or try to force a large candle into the center of a small wreath.
  2. Wreath Wall if you’ve looked at an interior design magazine lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen the newest trend: the photo frame wall. Empty photo frames of various sizes, painted in the same color, are hung on a wall to lend visual interest. Instead of using photo frames, use wreaths. By choosing wreaths of different textures and sizes, you can create a frame wall with a twist.
  3. Door Decor it’s not unusual to see wreaths adorning the exterior of people’s homes. Instead of sticking to the outside, bring your wreaths indoors. Wreaths look beautiful hanging on interior doors; bedroom doors, closet doors and even the inside of your entryway door. You can also hang wreaths on the inside of large windows. All you need is a beautiful piece of ribbon, a wreath, and a hanging mechanism. Again, keep scale in mind if you choose to use this decorating tip.
  4. Focal Point Do you have an area of your room that you want to draw attention to? Perhaps you have a large, lovely fireplace in your living room. Maybe you have a small accent wall in your kitchen. No matter which wall is aching for attention, use a wreath to get the job done. Consider a colorful ribbon wreath or one made of grapevine for a country look, or one made of foils or wire for a modern look.
  5. Other Holidays both grapevine and pine wreaths are easily decorated for the “other” holidays that are celebrated throughout the year. Decorate a wreath with jelly beans or colored eggs for Easter, with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, red garland or heart ribbon for Valentine’s Day, and small flags for the Fourth of July.

No matter which holiday is coming up, you can easily decorate a wreath to help welcome the day. Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. With the variety of wreath styles that are available, you can use a wreath in every room of your home. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your interior design scheme, try a wreath and a bit of imagination. Sarah Giles blogs for wreaths-garlands.html”. Click here to see a good holiday wreath selection.

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