SEO Tips for Startups on a Budget

Even though startups are aware that SEO will contribute to their online success, most of them don’t know how to go about it when on a low budget. It can be difficult if you can’t afford to hire SEO companies to help your startups have high ranking results.

The same way you are careful about the General Avoidance Rule, you should also be careful not to hire a low-quality SEO company just because you are desperate for fast results. You don’t have to hire an experienced SEO company as a brand new startup. Use these tips to start your SEO internally until your budget improves:

SEO Tips for Startups

  1. Perfect Your On-Page Optimization

As a startup then you should focus on long-term success. To make sure of that, you have to perfect your on-page optimization of your site. The last thing you want is your business to collapse before it gains root. You there need to make sure that the first thing you do is perfect it.

  1. Make Your Social Media Presence

You need to make sure that your startup has a social media footprint from when you start it. Having a strong social media presence will provide your business with SEO benefit by helping you grow your startup blog.

Social signals like shares, likes, re-tweets, mentions, etc., contribute to successful SEO. These are things you can achieve without a budget. All you have to do is designate one employee to post new daily posts across the social media platforms, handle any customer support inquiries, and interact with your followers.

  1. Create a Blog and Keep it Updated with New Content

Every startup business should have a blog on their site that is being regularly updated. Source information within your company and use it to create fresh content. You can delegate the writing throughout the business or have one employee to manage the blog.

This will help grow your startup eventually. Make sure the blogs posts are based on keywords specific to your startup so that you can target SEO and boost your success. The content has to be informative and of good quality.

  1. Consider Guest Blogging

There are potential industry blogs that can provide new businesses with traffic and exposure, look for them and pitch them guest posts. Create an atmosphere of internal competition where the employee who manages to get the most guest post is rewarded. Also, reward the employee who manages to drive back the most traffic to the site.


When your startup begins to experience some growth, it will be possible to hire an SEO company after some time. When your business starts to grow, there are more duties to be fulfilled, and you will have to outsource to an SEO firm.

Whether or not you do your business online, it is essential to have a proper web presence, especially in a competitive niche. A well-defined website allows your clients to follow you on your social media handles, buy their products, fill out order forms, and visit your service pages. The above tips will help you get there if you follow them.

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