Human Appeal’s Approach to Sustainable Development

Charity can take a variety of different forms. Many projects focus on providing emergency aid to people when they are at their most vulnerable, for example in the wake of natural disasters or during conflicts. However, there are other types of charity initiative that also play a crucial role in transforming and saving lives, including projects that focus on sustainable development.

One non-profit organization that is involved in a range of sustainable development initiatives (alongside its emergency aid projects) is Human Appeal UK. Here, we take a look at a few of the ways it is helping communities around the world to make a better future for themselves.

Human Appeal’s Approach to Sustainable Development

Improving food security in Pakistan

The desert region of Tharparkar in Pakistan is extremely arid. In fact, rainfall every three to four years is the only source of water in the area and, since the drought of 2012, poverty and hunger have increased significantly. To help improve long-term food security for people living in this part of Pakistan, Human Appeal has established 200 kitchen gardens for households. The charity has also run workshops that have given 25 ‘master trainers’ important knowledge and skills in land cultivation and management, and it has provided 200 toolkits for farmers to use. In addition, it has developed a piece of land as a community farm where people can hold demonstrations and training sessions.

Encouraging female entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

Another Human Appeal project is the Women’s Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Programme in Bangladesh. Although labor market conditions have improved for women over recent decades, they are still subject to widespread discrimination and exploitation. They earn on average 60 percent less than men and many have little training or education. To empower those from disadvantaged families, Human Appeal has trained over 50 women in sewing and textile skills. The women were also introduced to potential business partners from an organization called the Momtaz Welfare Trust and they were given equipment, raw materials, and support to help them start their enterprises.

As well as benefiting these women directly, the project will help their children to get a better education. It will also stimulate the local economy.

Providing tools and power to the people of Gaza

Human Appeal is also involved in a range of projects in Gaza, where ongoing conflict and a shortage of resources is making life extremely difficult. For example, it has provided 250 fishermen with tools to help them make a living. It has also set up the first applied accounting lab in the region to provide young people with work experience.

Gaza is subject to regular power cuts, and to help solve this problem, Human Appeal has installed solar panels on homes, hospitals, and schools to provide an alternative source of energy. This project is benefiting around 10,000 people.

Sustainable development initiatives like these can make a positive difference to communities not just now, but for generations to come.

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