Awesome Reasons To Celebrate Our Birthday

Why should we celebrate our birthdays

People may tend to keep their birthdays a secret as they might feel they’re getting another year older. It’s completely normal and funny as how many people dance about making announcements of their grand birthday parties while some prefer hiding the special day. It’s another phase of human nature.

For some people, it might be intimidating how their birthday can be known by everyone as a result of social media nowadays. It is in your hands to choose to celebrate surviving another year of life and marking it. It is your choice to think about the positive aspects of your birthday or sitting on one corner locked up and cursing the day.

Awesome Reasons To Celebrate Our Birthday

  1. Your birthday is a mark of your accomplishment

Time passes. Days pass by. Earth is round. Dinosaurs died. Etc. etc.  Life goes on and time doesn’t wait for anyone to mark a memory. To make some days stand out, we give them a meaning, a reason or rather, a memory. Your birthday is one of them too.

If you feel you’re getting older, take a look back at what all you have achieved. The success and the people you have earned at this time. Wasn’t the time worth it? Your birthday is to mark these accomplishments in your life and then celebrate it. It gives you a boost to accomplish and achieve more. Make memories. You’re never too old to have fun. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out an excuse to celebrate your life.

  1. Live every birthday like it’s your last

It is precisely this reason why you should celebrate your birthdays.

Recall the best birthdays that you have celebrated and imagine how life would be if you had every day of yours like that. Why would you want to not celebrate a day like that where everyone around you is so happy for you and you’re the center of attention.

You receive gifts, cards and numerous birthday greetings and  wishes from your friends and family.

We have such rushing lives, it’s good to hold on for a day and celebrate it for your own self. After all, if you don’t make memories today, you don’t have anything to reminisce about tomorrow.

Complete any of your wishes you’ve been waiting to complete. Buy a house, sign up for paragliding, diving or similar adventures. Go on a vacation with your friends. Stay happy and thank god for giving you this life. Make full use of it.

  1. Actions matter

There are innumerous ways to feel unexcited, worthless, etc. but it is the actions that matter and make you feel worthwhile. Be grateful to those who have always stayed with you and are there for you on this day.

It is not necessary that the ones you have today will always be with you tomorrow. Also, it doesn’t mean the ones who are not with you today were not special. But you had memories with them. Real good ones.

This is mere an excuse to make new memories and celebrate your little milestones with the special ones who have been through your thick and thin. Take this as an excuse to treat them and let them know that they matter to you and are important enough that you’re celebrating this day with them.

Most importantly, count your blessings as they make you feel special. The make you realize how important you are to others and motivate you to do well to them as well and make their day special as they went an extra mile for you to feel happy on your birthday.

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